NIROPROTAC® Architectural Defense Ring Mesh Structures

Project Description



Ring mesh NIROPROTAC® is an innovative and unique material providing protective as well as design effects for facade and interior of buildings.


The main task of ring mesh clothing is to protect from direct contact with knives, shards of glass, scissors or other sharp objectives. This protective mesh clothing has a high grade steel wire and innovative material.
The ring mesh offers safe use in dangerous operations and against unpredictable situations. As an international manufacturer of ring mesh clothing, we are able to convince with high wearing comfort, adaptability and high protection with global standards. Especially for the use of security personnel, judicial officers, civil servants or police, the mesh clothings are a valuable life protection.

A big problem with protective waistcoats and safety clothing are the sides. If these are open, stabs, shots or blows can go through. We are constantly developing our products and offer all-round protection through our innovative and highly developed safety clothing.

Initially designed as stab protection, ring mesh NIROPROTAC® can be used a protective barrier mitigating blast wave energy by flexible rings, covering architectural objects from view and fulfilling esthetic function.

Threat mitigation
Higher security
Protective barrier
Cover from view
Maximum architectural esthetics

Vertical ring mesh NIROPROTAC® can be enhance building security concepts as a facade elements or installed separately of the building as a certain safety barrier providing additional distance.

Areas of application:

Consulates and embassies
Public facilities
Educational establishments
Court facilities