NIROPROTAC® for Ballistic Vests

Project Description




In close cooperation with our customers we develop and manufacture stab and cut protection ring mesh NIROPROTAC® patterns for ballistic protective vests delivering added safety and protection against cut and punch.

Custom made ring mesh NIROPROTAC® help to enhance stab and cut protection of body armors providing comfort and flexibility of movement to professionals exposed to life-threatening risks like law enforcement personnel, prison guards, first responders, bodyguards, justice and police officers.

Body armor made in combination with NIROPROTAC® offers:

High stab safety
Comfort and mobility
Temperature resistance
Long-term durability and strength

The pre shaped chainmail stab protection patterns NIROPROTAC® is produced of welded stainless steel or titanium wire on modern high performance equipment.
Different designs of NIROPROTAC® can help to optimize weights of composites, support performance of ballistic body armor and meet multi-threat requirements of end customers.

We support design teams of vest manufacturers by providing individual consultations though all stages of body amour development from starting point of design till production and supply.

Please contact our experts for technical advice directly using contact form and we will gladly support you.

VPAM – Ballistic Protection and Ballistic Standards

The most important protection is in the waistcoat shell. It is as personal and individual as the wearer of the waistcoat. For the best preparation in everyday work, with safe protective clothing (for the police, SEK), the right protection class is crucial.

The threat levels for ballistic waistcoats and ballistic protection are defined according to different standards. The protection classes of the European standard here range from VPAM1 to VPAM14. The most common protection classes of the VPAM standard are VPAM3, VPAM6, VPAM7 and VPAM9.

The main task of the Association for Testing Bodies for Ballistic Protection Materials (VPAM) is the testing, research and development of ballistic protection materials. This ballistic protection is essential for the safety and well-being of society. Our protective clothing stands for protection and safety to the highest standards and meets the VPAM criteria.


Ballistic vests

Ballistic vests protect against the impact of projectiles (ballistic protection) from handguns and long guns. The ballistic waistcoats prevent the penetration of the projectile and avoid serious injuries, which could result from the strong impulse of the projectile on the body.

As a protective clothing and waistcoat manufacturer, we have made it our business to produce protective clothing, stab-proof clothing and ballistic protection that exactly meets the requirements of our customers.


Protective Clothing Police

Especially for the police, ballistic protective clothing is of great importance. Our ballistic waistcoats offer flexible and lightweight protection against the dangers that the police face every day – with the highest level of safety. Police protective waistcoats are a prerequisite for the exercise of this activity, so that the safety of the officers is guaranteed. Our protective clothing for the police offers comfortable protection against ballistic, physical and stabbing and cutting hazards.


Manufacture for ballistic protection and ballistic body armor

As a protective waistcoat manufacturer and waistcoat producer, we have made it our business to produce protective clothing, stab-proof clothing and ballistic protection and ballistic body armor that exactly meets the requirements of our customers.

The ballistic protection equipment is in accordance with all VPAM requirements.

Nothing is more important to us than your safety. Our protective clothing, ballistic waistcoats and ballistic protection provide your essential protection – this is the aim of our waistcoat manufacturer. Slash protection, stab protection, ring mesh, stab resistant clothing and protective gear to the highest standards. If you have any questions about our ballistic suits, please feel free to contact us.

Our ballistic protection offers you safety, protection from bullets and trauma.

Durability, strength, lightness and flexibility of wear are all important to us in our ballistic protection.

As threats are constantly evolving and changing, we are continually working with various agencies to ensure that our protective equipment, protective clothing and ballistic waistcoats are always one step ahead.

HOSDB Body Armor standard for UK Police

The HOSDB Body Armor standard for UK Police is for ballistic plates and bullet proof vests. This HOSDB Standard is also known as “CAST”. The PSDB (HOSDB before) published in 1993 the first test of Stab Resistent Body Armor. The tests have been continuously developed and show Ballistic Performance, Knife and Spike Performance. They include the results of ballistic resistance tests, knife resistance tests, spike resistance tests and more. The HOSDDB Body Armor standard for UK Police  is a elementary security to fight crime.

The Niroprotac body armour, ballistic vests and stab and slash protection suits contain the following relevant standards for UK Police body armour:

  • Technical Guideline (TR) Ballistics Protective Vests
  • HOSDB Body Armour Standard for UK Police
  • NIJ Standard-0115.00 Stab Resistance of Personal Body Armor

NIJ Standard-0115.00 – Vests from NIROPROTAC

A stab proof vest can save you from being stabbed. NIJ Standard 0115.00 is the standard for your stab proof vest. It was developed by the NIJ and PSDB (Police Scientific Development Branch). This NIJ Standard 0115.00 is considered the minimum requirement for body protection, concentrating on stabbing from knives and other weapons. A vest with the NIJ Standard 0115.00 can stop knife wounds from following available knives due to its high quality. The NIJ Standard 0115.00 has three safety levels and is based on the PSDB study. Here it was tested how strong different stabbing methods of an average man have an effect. Spikes and knives require E1 and E2 of NIJ Standard 0115.00. This allows a maximum of 7mm of edged blade to penetrate the stab waistcoat. NIJ Standard 0115.00 is designed to protect against internal organ injury and serious injury. Stab resistant vests must be tested to NIJ Standard 0115.00. However, many stab resistant waistcoats are not tested against two different knives and 1 spike of NIJ Standard 0115.00. However, it is a prerequisite that the protective vest can withstand all three blades. Our ballistic vests and ring mesh vests are tested according to the NIJ standard and fulfil the necessary requirements. We offer you highly developed stab and slash protection against high risks.

Technische Richtlinie (TR) Ballistic Vests Schutzwesten

Technical Guideline (TR) Ballistic Vests and Protective Vests:

The Technical Guideline (TR) Ballistics Vests is similar to the NIJ standard. There are many similarities. However, depending on the threat situation and priorities of the properties, a different ballistics standard is recommended. The Technical Guideline (TR) Ballistics Vests dates from 2008 and is divided into 5 protection classes.
– Class L: a protection against “common” handguns
– Class 1: a protection against submachine guns
– Class 2: A protection against all handguns
– Class 3: A protection against normal projectiles from long guns
– Class 4: Protection against hard-core projectiles from long guns.

The German standard of ballistic protective vests tests more threat scenarios. The NIJ standard lacks exposed gunfire and police gunfire. In contrast, the American standard tests large calibres with high man stopping power. Both standards guarantee a high longevity of the breech strength and are on a par with each other. The Niroprotac ballistic vests and protective gear have been tested to the standards and innovatively developed. If you have any questions about the ballistic vests, please fill in the contact form.

Ring mesh vests

As the global manufacturer of ring mesh vests with the highest safety standard, NIROPROTAC safety equipment not only ensures a high level of protection, but also adapts to the wearer in a breathable way with great wearing comfort. The ring mesh vests are military and police equipment and equally serve as safety vest for other groups to be protected. The ring mesh vests serve as slash protection and stab protection. Find out more about the NIROPROTAC ring mesh vests and stab resistant clothings.

VPAM niroprotac ballistic body armor